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We want women to achieve the resolve that there is power in our imperfections. JOPA doesn't strive to offer perfection, but to offer peace in living in our truth and strength. We can move freely and be comfortable in our own skin whether we are working out or not. It is our choice. The JOPA Lifestyle is not for the perfect, but for the powerful.

Truth. Strength. Genius.

We created JOPA to exemplify and celebrate the movement and beauty of a woman. We have created a fitness line that doubles as leisure wear because we believe that when a woman looks good, she can feel even better. 

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Powerful women know who they are, despite where they are.
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Powerful women come in every size and shape. Powerful women aspire to use their mind, voice and spirit to empower themselves and other women. Powerful women know who they are, despite where they are.
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I love the way I feel in my JOPA wear. The leggings fit me perfectly! The stretch is just right and the fabric is super soft. What I love most is I can wear it to the gym or on a quick run to the grocery store!

Diane J


I feel so amazing in my JOPA wear. I usually wear them on my errand days and I’m able to feel comfortable and be able to keep up with my kids and work!

Kristen R.


I LOVE the sports bra!!!! It keeps everything secure and held in. I’m a bigger girl and I need a little more support and this sports bra definitely gives me that. JOPA really is my perfect fit!

Lauren D.